The Bell - New Project 1

"Centenary United Methodist Church"
3 W Washington St
Bath, NY
Pastor - Leanne Zeck
Phone - 607-776-3434
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The Bell

Church History
   The old  cast-iron bell  whose ringing could be  heard throughout the village on  Sunday mornings was put into storage  after the old church and parsonage  were razed in August 1976. It  remained there silently for twenty two  years before being brought back  to life and making its new home on the  lawn in front of the new church.

    This was brought about through the efforts of a church volunteer   group and the financing from donations, and a Memorial Bell Fund   established in 1982 in memory of Mildred Reppert by her children.   Memorials were given by church members and friends who wanted to see  the  old bell returned. Members of the Memorial Bell volunteer group  were  Ron and Sue Annis, Charles Butts, Bernie Clark, Dick and Dorothy   Cornell, Claretha Coumbe, Pat Fuller, Barbara Ives, Mike Longwell, the   Rev. Jeff McDowell, Don McIntyre, Liz and Karl Ralston, Dan Reppert,   Carol Reppert, David and Margo Seager, Jo Stackpole and Larry Storm.

    The design of the new housing for the bell was done by Dick Cornell,   Bernie Clark and Karl Ralston. Construction was done by a local firm, J   & J Coots Construction. The bell was transported to Corning where  it  was sand blasted and painted before being mounted in it's new  resting  spot. Dick Cornell repaired and painted the large wooden wheel  used to  ring the bell which was badly damaged in 1976.

    The bell was officially dedicated and rung for the first time again   on Palm Sunday, April 5, 1998. The celebration  was led by the Rev.  Jeff  McDowell present pastor of the church, Rev. Dr. Robert O.  Sherburne,  district superintendent, and former Pastor Wendell Minnigh.  The bell was  rung 20 times, commemorating the 20th anniversary of the  first service  held in the present church.
The Bell coming out of storage
Repairing the wheel
The Memorial Bell being placed in it's new home
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