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Men of the Bible - Part Forty - five
                                                                                  As retold in rhyme by Bob Dunham
Based upon II Kings, Chapter Two through Thirteen

Elijah and Elisha were walking together.  Elijah knew his end was near.
He had done so many wonderful things for the Lord.  He had no fear
For he knew he would soon see his Maker and that Elisha would be the one
To continue with the work that Elijah, the prophet, had begun.

As the two were talking, a chariot of fire appeared in the sky.
It was pulled by horses of fire and Elijah knew why.
He was carried by a whirlwind to the Lord in heaven above.
Elisha was left to minister to the people and to convey God’s love.

Elisha performed many miracles and helped those in need.
Where others might fail, Elisha, with the Lord’s blessing, would always succeed.
He filled a dry valley with water although there was no rain.
There was enough for the animals, the crops and all the people across the plain.

The armies of Israel and Moab were engaged in a war.
The kings of Israel, Judah, and Edom had a mighty fighting corps,
But they were afraid that the Moabs would overcome them in battle.
Elisha assured them the Lord was with them.  Soon all their land and cattle

And everything the Moabs had was destroyed and laid waste.
The king of Moab gathered his remaining forces and departed in haste.
Throughout the land, people called Elisha ‘the man of the Lord.’
They knew he spoke for the Holy One.  He was always in accord

With the wishes of the Heavenly Father.  He led the people in war and peace.
Finally, Elisha became very ill and God granted him release
From this world where he had prophesied, where he had changed so many lives.
Though he was no longer with the people, his memory and influence survives.              
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