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"Centenary United Methodist Church"
3 W Washington St
Bath, NY
Pastor - Leanne Zeck
Phone - 607-776-3434
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The Mission Committee has designated the month of
Canned Vegetable”MONTH

We are asking each of you to bring a can of corn or peas or beans or ? each Sunday in January and add them to the “Tower.”

Whatever the vegetable, it will help so much
As we reach out to those who need our touch.

        During the last several years, our Centenary family has collected a “mountain” of food for the Turning Point Food Pantry.  At a time when the need in our community continues to grow and the cost of food continues to increase, our loving outreach is making a

       Please continue to show your love and concern by joining together to build the tower of canned vegetables.  A most sincere thanks from the Mission Committee.  May God continue to bless each member of our Centenary Family as we reach out to those in need in our community.


       The Mission Committee has designated the month of February for the collection of toilet paper for the folks served by the Turning Point Food Pantry.

       We have been doing a fantastic  job of collecting a vast assortment of food items for the food pantry for the past several months and years.         

      We have made and are continuing to make a huge difference.Now,
for the next month, we are going to take a different focus in our        
mission outreach for the folks who visit the pantry to help meet their needs.

       We hope to build a mountain of toilet paper in the narthex.

    We, as a community of caring Christians, including folks from several other Bath area churches and the Methodist Church in Hornell, have donated several thousand rolls of toilet paper.

     So, church family, let’s get on a ROLL and once again show how much we care and how much we want to reach out to those in need in our community.  

Greetings from your Treasurer,

Just an update to let you know where we stand as of the end of November, 2022.

Our Operating Capital is: $26,145.97
Conference Specials: $      379.25
     Local Specials:                     $19,835.95
      CUMC Account Balance   $46,361.17
The specials are what are received and paid out for the year up to the end of November.
The $46,361.17 is what is in the checking account at the end of November but $26,145.97 is what is usable to us.

Thank you and have a Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year

Anita Parulski
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