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"Centenary United Methodist Church"
3 W Washington St
Bath, NY
Pastor - Leanne Zeck
Phone - 607-776-3434
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Church History
"Church History"
  The first  Methodist Society in Bath organized  in 1814, as part of the Newtown  (Elmira) Circuit riders came at  intervals of two or three weeks, riding  horseback through all elements  to bring the Good News to Bath. In 1822  the Methodist Episcopal Church  of Bath was formed, and raised funds to  construct a building in 1835 a  pastor was assigned to Bath and  Hammondsport. Membership was 44, which  grew to 109 in 1843 and to 177 in  1849.
    In 1866 a new building was constructed with a steeple, second floor   audience room, and first floor    for SundaySchool and other  activities.  The name Centenary Methodist recognized Methodism's 100  years in  America. In 1892 a parsonage was constructed next to the  church.
    An Education Building was completed in 1964 with Sunday School rooms   and a larger Fellowship Hall. In 1975 a parsonage was purchased at 208   West Washington Street. In 1976 both the sanctuary and the old  parsonage  were demolished to make way for a new sanctuary. The modern  design of  this new building features large stained glass windows in  three corners.  The thick glass pieces are set in epoxy and make an  impressive sight,  the flower filled Easter Cross hangs in one window.  All furnishings,  including the four-section chancel, are moveable,  andseveral different  arrangements are used for worship. The Narthex  holds our name tag and  information boards, and the Christmas Poinsettia  tree.
    With a membership of just under 600 and average worship attendence   of about 200, Centenary is an activechurch. Many community groups use   our facilities for meetings, and several Scout groups also meet here.
     In December 1865, under the leadership of Rev. A. F. Morey, Pastor,   it was determined at a church  meeting to make an effort to enlarge or   rebuild the current wooden structure. A subscription of about   $7000.00  was obtained and a plan was adopted for a new church edifice,  to be 90ft  by 41ft, with tower  and spire, an audience room and a  basement for  Sunday School and Class Rooms. In April 1866 the job of  building was let  to Andrew J. Barton and Ebenezer W. Buck. These two  men were to furnish  the  materials and finish the church for $8300.00.  The old wooden  structure was sold for $775.00 to Jos.  Carter and the  closing services  were held Sunday the last of April 1866. The first  entrance to the  church faced the park and in the vestibule were two  stairways, one on  each side leading up into the auditorium.   There was  also a door which  opened up into the basement of the church, in which  there was a large    room and several small class rooms. The pulpit was  in the west end of  Church with the choir in the east  gallery and later  at the right of the  pulpit. There were also two back stairways leading  up into the    auditorium. In 1902 and 1903 the Church was remodeled  with the  Washington Street entrance added   and the beautiful Memorial  Windows  put in. An addition was made on the south side of the building  to   make  room for a much needed pipe organ and the pulpit was changed  from the  west end to the south   side. In 1921 under the leadership of  Rev. David  Evans, the hardwood floor was laid in the sanctuary and seats were  installed.

   This material was taken from A HISTORY OF CENTENARY UNITED METHODIST CHURCH 1814- 1964

                                       By: Lauretta Miller Barnes
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