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Centenary United Methodist Church
3 W Washington St
Bath, NY
Pastor - Eleanor Collinsworth
Phone - 607-776-3434
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"The Ramp Guys Completed their 500th ramp in Bath on Sept. 7, 2018"
Shining Star Award"

The RAMP Guys

of the RAMPS Plus Program

Nominated and Recognized for Pro Action's
Steuben County Volunteer of the Year - 2007

    Beginning in 1998, the "RAMP Guys" have constructed 473 handicap  accessible ramps for low and moderate income individuals experiencing  mobility challenges. The labor associated with the ramp construction is  provided by a volunteer workforce of 15 to 18 retired persons. As of the  end of calendar year 2006, over $43,000 has been invested in materials,  derived from a variety of sources. As changes in life circumstances  occur, these ramps are recycled to new locations, brining a cost savings  of $6,000 to $8,000 per year. It is safe to say that if individuals  hired their ramp construction on the open market, their costs would more  than double. When compared with aluminum ramps, what the "RAMP Guys"  build for $500 would escalate to $5,000 to $6,000 for an equivalent  sized ramp. The volunteer workforce is to be commended for their  outstanding accomplishment in meeting a critical community need.

Nominated by David Hill, Executive Director

    What started out as a way to fulfill a desire of the Couples Club of C.U.M.C. to help others less fortunate, in a way that did not involve raising money, has changed a great deal since our first experience in October '98. What we thought might be a one time chance to share a time of good fellowship while working to help someone in need, nine years later has taken ona life of its own among the retired club members, and other male members on weekends and evenings.

    Office  of the Aging does the actual screening and handles the finances, but  the "Ramp Guys" have provided the expertise, labor, tools, etc to  construct 473 handicapped ramps since October, 1998.                                   

     The "Ramp Guys" who respond to requests for help on a regular basis  are; Al Belanger, Dick Jones, Don McIntire, Bob Kenville, Glenn Davis,   Don Loveland and newcomers Bill Heard, Jim Young, Gordon Pierce, Carl  Holden, Tony Shelley & Thomas Callahan.

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