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"Centenary United Methodist Church"
3 W Washington St
Bath, NY
Pastor - Leanne Zeck
Phone - 607-776-3434
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    The tradition of our Prayer Chain goes back to the mid 70's when the Tuesday Women's Bible Study put it into place.  Those women knew the power of prayer, and as they closed each session, they would pray for the concerns of the congregation.  Some of the saints in that group were Gladys Ouderkirk, Virginia Miller, Dot Cornell, Judy Wolcott, Marguerite Ruger, and Eleanor Towner.  It was decided that they would form the prayer chain and it has lasted all these years.  As members moved or passed, new members took the reigns.  We have again lost members and are now presenting the new Prayer Chain List.
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .    If you are aware of someone who is ill, hospitalized, facing surgery or just  needs prayer to help cope with a situation, feel free to call us – we can support them in prayer.
          Prayers are answered, and what a comfort knowing someone is actively praying for us.
The following is our Prayer Chain:
                              Sue Annis   776-7558 [home] or 769 -2309 [cell]
                              Pastor Leanne 776-3434 [church] or 585-402-6491 [cell]
                             Jan Caputo 776-2385
                             Sharon Utter 569-2642
                             John Gould 776-4065 [home] 765-1171 [cell]
                             Grace Snyder 776-3781 [home] or 794-2041 [cell]
                             Bertie Surprenant 368-4326
                             Shannon Surprenant 368-4327
                             Claretha Coumbe 846-5145
                             Leslie Roof 857-5304
                             Rose Power 522-7454 or 329-3846
                             Ruth Sprague 776-7517
                             Diane Diesel 346-6617 [after 5:00 p.m.]

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