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"Centenary United Methodist Church"
3 W Washington St
Bath, NY
Pastor - Leanne Zeck
Phone - 607-776-3434
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What Kind of Woman
Would Receive the Care of
a Stephen Minister?

  • A woman like Sarah — who faced a major change in life at an advanced age and needed someone to listen to both her joy and apprehension.
  • A woman like Hagar — who was abandoned along with her child and needed someone to offer her hope and remind her of God's presence.
  • A woman like Hannah — who struggled with her inability to bear a child and needed someone with whom to share her sadness and pain.
  • A woman like Naomi — who had lost herloved ones and needed someone to hear her sorrow and pain.
  • A woman like Ruth - who left everything thatwas familiar to her and needed someone to journey with her in her new life.
  • A woman like Esther — who was faced with a major decision and needed someone who could listen to her concerns and offer encouragement.
  • A woman like Mary of Nazareth — who lived with both the joys and struggles of having an exceptional child and needed someone to help her sort out the ponderings of her heart.
  • A woman like Martha - who was burdened by the demands of daily life and needed someone to help her regain sight of what was important.
  • A woman like Mary Magdalene — who received healing from inner turmoil and needed someone to walk with her as shebuilt a new life.
  • A woman like you.

lf you would like to know more about how a Stephen Minister could care for you, please see or call: Don Snyder, [776-3781] Diane Doty [585-384-55l4] Kathy Putman [776-3434] or Pastor Leanne [585-402-6491].

Why do I give? Because Jesus tells me to. And to be a cheerful giver, at that! Through our giving at CUMC, the effect is far reaching. We pay apportionments to the Conference, which funds a multitude of ministries, including UMCOR. They are in the Bahamas right now doing relief work. I am not able to do that, but l can support those who can.Our giving at CUMC is doing what Jesus wants
us to do .....
Diane Doty

Nicole and I found our need to be financially faithful to God when we had no money to spare. We Were struggling paycheck to paycheck, but we believed God called us here to serve Him. So We gladly give back What was already His. We believe in the mission of Centenary United Methodist, and pray our offerings honor God and can help sustain Centenary.

And as Andy Stanley says, What percentage should you give? I tell people to start with 10 percent because the Bible writers have a lot to say about the tithe, which means, "tenth. " For some people, that's extremely uncomfortable. But so is a colonoscopy, and those save countless lives.

Sonny & Nicole Delfyette
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