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Men of the Bible - Part Eleven
Joseph — His Dreams and His Brothers’ Reaction

As retold in rhyme by Bob Dunham
Based upon Genesis, Chapter Thirty-seven

Joseph, Rachel’s son, was born after she had nearly given up hope.
Joseph had ten older half-brothers, and he had to cope
With their jealousy, because their father, Jacob, loved Joseph the best.
He was smarter and more in touch with God than all of the rest.

One day, Joseph had a dream. The brothers were tying bundles of grain.
His bundle stood up and his brothers’ bundles bowed low. To them it was plain
That he was saying that he would rule over them, so they hated him all the more.
They truly detested him; it was a feeling they couldn’t and wouldn’t ignore.

To compound the situation, J osephe had another dream that would guarantee
His brothers’ enmity, for he saw eleven stars who ‘bowed low before me”.
He told this dream to Jacob who pondered what it might mean.
The message in these dreams was still unknown, Joseph’s future unseen.

Soon after this, the brothers went to pasture their father’s flocks at Shechem.
When they were gone for some time, Jacob sent Joseph to check up on them.
A man said they had gone to Dothan, and Joseph caught up with them there.
He knew not of their plan - that treachery and murder were in the air.

The brothers plotted J oseph’s death. They would throw him in a pit.
They would tell Jacob a wild animal had killed him. They would commit
Murder and then lie to their father who loved Joseph the best.
But a brother, Rueben, disagreed with all of the rest.

So they put Joseph in the pit, but they planned to leave him there alive.
They wouldn’t have murder on their conscience, but, surely, he wouldn’t survive.
However, a caravan of Ishmaelite traders happened by; the plan changed again
They sold their brother for twenty pieces of silver and his destiny would begin.

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